Ophelia Brevia

Ophelie Lebaudelaire.
Aether, Sargatanas.
Ophie. 21+. PST.

diplomat by day.

who knows by night?

i am not a morally ambiguous character
i am just written that way

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Ophelie Lebaudelaire.
Aether, Sargatanas.
Ophie. 21+. PST.



  1. Ophelia and I only interact with characters and players (respectively) that are 18+. No exceptions will be made. Further, lalafell characters are a no-go unless in a fully SFW environment.

  2. Mare is a major part of my character's appearance and I encourage you to pair with me for the greatest level of immersion.

  3. RP Tag = In-Character, otherwise I am out-of-character unless privately agreed. When in-character, I only communicate OOC via /tell and utilize ((Brackets)); further, my in-character communications are done as /em action "Dialogue" and "Dialogue"

  4. If I'm in-character, please feel free to walk-up roleplay with me or /tell me!

  5. OOC=/=IC! Even if Ophelia is isn't something, that does not mean that I (or even my other characters) are into it! Please respect this boundary!

  6. I mostly prefer to stick with MRP/HRP when it comes to playing my character in a roleplaying setting, however I don't mind LRP every so often.

  7. NSFW, MRP, DRP or otherwise mature /c/ontent in roleplay is by my consent only. I'm happy to do it, but please clarify OOC before-hand!

  8. As should be expected, my character's views and morality are not my own; please understand that it's all done in good fun, no offense is meant and I always want to be mindful of my writing partners and their feelings/needs!

  9. I'm happy to roleplay in any era of the game, provided it fits with Ophie and keeps her of age

Hey there! If you're reading this, you've found the profile for my Garlean character (and my present main)! From here on out, feel free to call me Ophie, Ophe or any of the variants!I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV for the past three years and have been involved in the roleplaying community on such for the same period, however I've partaken in all levels of roleplay (particularly long-term immersive) since 2015. Besides Garlean RP, I've also partaken heavily in Ishgardian RP and have an intensive lore understanding of the two communities that I love to chat about OOC! Out-of-character, I've been involved in the venue community for the last four years as a dealer, hostess, manager and venue owner.I'm currently based in California and the associated PST Timezone, but my availability varies. I work in aviation (presently govt. and formerly aviation finance, transitioning to manufacturing this summer), so I do tend to travel quite a bit.If you ever want to reach out to me, never hesitate to /tell me in-game or direct message me at ophieisdopie on Discord at any time! I'm always up to make new friends!

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i am not a morally ambiguous /c/haracter
i am just written that way


personal attributes

  name.    Ophelia (goe) Brevia
  age.    24
  race.    Garlean Pureblood (Midlander base)
  born.     23rd Sun of the First Umbral Moon, 1553 Sixth Astral Era
  guarding deity.     None.
  gender.     female
  pronouns.     she/her
  sexuality.     demisexual/pansexual

  height.     Five fulms and 1 ilm (157cm)
  weight.     45kg
  hair color.     Brunette w/ Blonde streaking
  eye color.     Blue/Green (heterochromatic)
  skin tone.     Pale.
  notable features.   Pearlescent with tinge of blue third-eye. Light-to-medium freckling throughout body. Visible scarring running along hips towards the upper chest.

  job occupation.    Diplomatic Official, Geisha
  place of origin.     Garlemald
  home.    Kugane/Bukyo
  affiliation.     Garlean Civil Service, Assorted Okiyas
  family.     Gens Brevius
  marital status.     Single

  d&d alignment.     Lawful Neutral
  mbti.     ISTJ-A

language comprehension

  Common.     Written C2, Spoken C2
  Garlean.     Written C2, Spoken C2
  Elezen (Old).     Written C2, Spoken C1
  Roegadyn.     Written A2, Spoken A1
  Hingan.     Written C1, Spoken B2
  Doman.     Written B2, Spoken B1
  Huntspeak.     Written A2, Spoken None
  Auri.     Written A2, Spoken A2
  Ancient Allagan.     Written A2, Spoken None

defining characteristics

  personality.     As a member of the Garlean elite, Ophelia picked up on the needs for one's personal behaviors and applied them with great ease. Her interactions are hardly short of grace, with a particularly dedicated commitment to understanding and respecting the varying etiquettes of whatever culture she interacts with. She keeps to topics which are minimally invasive when speaking, yet even as such she's known to make her companions feel disarmed and charmed simply by the aura of her presence.Despite this, her time in governmental service forced her to recognize when a guise of nebulousness must be employed; unfortunately, most of her interactions are such. She typically refrains from having much of a word with those she is unfamiliar with, and at times can display defensive traits ranging from deceptive charm all the way to a menacingly aggressive demeanor. As long as she's undisturbed, she's simply known for her quiet and amenable disposition.Those that get to know her behind closed doors, as well as those privy to her after a drink (or sniff or smoke) or two, find that she has a jovial side that sees it her prerogative to dine in all of life's pleasures. Her debauched side sees little limit at that point. In the times where it is visible, her long-veiled kindness often can allow her to be easily manipulated.

headcanon one. Even after the fall of the Empire, Ophelia remains reserved in her interactions and rarely makes her presence known unlesss it benefits her. She often keeps her forehead obscured to the best of her ability.
headcanon two. Despite being part of the upper caste, the Gens Brevius resided outside the Imperial Capital and their estate remained untouched in the collapse. Those close have known that Ophelia has made frequent visits there since the collapse, but few know why.
headcanon three. At the height of Garlean influence, Ophelia was one of the only foreigners permitted transit to Bukyo; these visits led to her being closely related with many senior members of the Hingan government.

headcanon four. Stemming from malnourishment amidst her tenure in the Imperial Cadets Corps, Ophelia remains incredibly thin and her frame very loosely built. As such, she is known to be particulalry weak and carries a small pistol for her defense.
headcanon five. When traveling incognito in territories hostile to Garlemald, Ophelia frequently made use of a fantasia to assume the identity of the Ishgardian highborn Ophelie de Le Baudelaire.
headcanon six. Ophelia has a particularly strong resistance to most forms of alcohol, but the same cannot be said for any form of narcotics. She is quickly brought under the spell of even the slightest doses. Still, she can hardly resist their temptation and will gladly take them if given.

record of occupations


Clandestine Sector | Frumentarius

position. Operations Director Kugane, Intelligence Operative (former)
tenure. 1570 6AA - present
remarks. Under the cover of the Imperial Civil Service, Ophelia coincidingly served as an operative within the imperial state's intelligence machine with the codename "Ivory Limelight" beginning at the completion of her studies. As assigned, she would carry out functions of passive intelligence gathering and reporting within the imperial capital; she saw brief assignments to liaise in the Third and Twelfth legions. Her reassignment to the foreign ministry saw her assume a similar duty in the imperial outposts abroad as well as other discreet activities with members of the local elite.


Hingan Consulate | Foreign Service

position. Chargé d'Affaires Kugane, Defense Attaché (former)
tenure. 1 7UA - Present
remarks. By a special commission, Ophelia was posted to the Garlean consulate in Kugane as a political attache carrying the style of Eir. She later would receive an elevation to the rank of Praeses in connection to her appointment as the operations deputy to the Garlean Ambassador in Hingashi, affording her the style of Goe.

Praetorial Composite | Ministry of Law

position. Public Affairs Liaison
tenure. 1570 6AA - 1 7UA
remarks. Answering directly to the imperial praetor's office, Ophelia found herself charged immediately upon graduation as an officer of the ministry's public affairs directorate. She further would carry out duties as an Imperial Prosecutor. As such a government official and with associated commission within the Lictors of Garlemald, she would carry the style of Dus during this service.

Cadet Corps | Academy of War

concentration. Languages, Political Sciences
graduated. 1570 6AA
remarks. Attending full studies with specification in strategy and leadership, Ophelia was expected to assume a role as a junior officer upon graduation on account of her academic achievement. She would, by many accounts shockingly, transfer in her final year to studies focused in political sciences and justice.

The Civil Service of Garlemald

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i am not a morally ambiguous character
i am just written that way


LORE : background.

Of the Gens Brevius, who had long sat amongst the ranks of Garlean Senators and seen themselves as the forefathers of jurisprudence since the early days of the republic, Augustelle fae Brevius had succeeded to his father's legacy as paterfamilias after the latter's assassination amidst quarrels concerning the fate of the conquered people of Doma in 1553. Cicero iyl Brevius had long been an ally to the Emperor Solus, often referred to in memoirs as a "devil's advocate" when it came to discussions given his liberal outlook on the imperial agenda; he would assume the extraordinary position of Princips Senatus in 1549, which he held until his tragic passing.Himself a distinguished politician, Augustelle would come to serve in the position of consul beginning in the year 1568; despite being ultimately forced to step down at the ascension of the Emperor Varis, he would continue to accord himself the style of "het" and maintain his station within the imperial senate. Though not outspoken, many regard him as a strong ally of the populares.

Conversely, his wife Titiana stood as sole heiress to the fortune of the Gens Vespasiana, a family of newer origin that had garnered much wealth in the acquisition and reallocation of goods of various annexed territories. She herself would aspire to little position of her own, instead seeing to the grooming of her children and acting as an influence to her husband when behind closed doors. She would unfortunately fall victim to sickness amidst the events following the Calamity.The Gens Brevius, besides its head, also finds itself populated by two lines. Of the principle line, Augustelle saw to the siring of three children: Marius, Tribunis Angusticlavius of the 5th Legion; Ophelia, civil servant and chargé d'affaires in Kugane; and Julia, consort to the paterfamilias of the Gens Vlaudium. The brother of the pater familias, Cicero eir Brevius, assumed a position amongst the Garlean justice system and bore a single son: Lucius dus Brevius, an eques within the Garlean civil service.While the Gens Brevius has long been associated with the Populares, their dedicated loyalty to the imperial cause and wealth of connection amongst the patrician class has afforded them relative safety and security in Garlemald even in the growing era of uncertainty.

LORE : youth and adolesence.

Having already borne a son three years prior, pressure remained upon the young Senator Augustelle of the House Brevius following his father's death that year and his own subsequent appointment to the imperial senate to provide further issue to a house that had come to hold increasing levels of prominence within the imperial capital. The winter following his father's unfortunate passing, Augustelle and his wife Titiana welcomed a second child; being a female, she was named "Ophelia" as her mother would deem her the "aid" to furthering the familial legacy alongside her elder brother.Her upbringing, as was typical for members of the patrician class, found her privately educated within the imperial capital. Many around her found it atypical her advanced level of comprehension and an intellect often seen amongst only the brightest of scholars, leading to her receiving particular attention from her instructors. This distinction would also come to be note by her parents who, after welcoming their third and final child (a daughter), would grant their blessing for her initial path to be rerouted from that of a groomed lady-of-the-house to that of an imperial servant.

Beginning at the age of 5, Ophelia's education was overseen by tutors that saw her versed in etiquette, the arts, the sciences, history, several languages and several subjects that would qualify her for education at the imperial academy. Given her father's growing station in the imperial government, Ophelia saw little connection with him throughout her childhood; her relationship with her mother was equally strained, who often retained a position of strict detachment as she molded the ambitious futures for each of her children. While her brother became a center piece of her family's admiration, she herself often sought similar attention to little avail, relegating herself to the praise of her familial servants. The family's precedence saw them often mingling with the echelons of patrician society; it was by this that Ophelia soon found herself attached as a companion to a member of the Gens Imperiale. The two's relationship is not much written of, yet many say that such would serve as passage for her future.

LORE : the ministry of law.

At the age of 12, with her application receiving sponsorship from the then-Consul, Ophelia was formally admitted to the imperial academy; her brother at the time served as a third-year cadet, and would come to be a mentor in her first two years of attendance. Her drive for excellence was such that she received high marks in her qualifications through each year, however instructors did often note a reluctance to engage in team-oriented activities. Little is known surrounding the choice, however, despite showing promise as a future officer of the imperial military, Ophelia's studies veered away from the officer's cadet program and instead saw her enter that of the imperial civil service. Her graduation at the age of sixteen saw her as one of the youngest candidates to complete studies at the time.BEGIN REDACTION
Given her accomplishments, officers involved with the Imperial Frumentarius were quick to enlist the young Garlean as one of their own. Her already established connections in the imperial capital, as well as her history of aversion from operational cooperation, saw her posted within the service's clandestine sector as a domestic intelligence operative.
Ophelia's station initially saw her appointed to the Office of the Praetor within the Ministry of Law, receiving the style of "dus" in accordance with her position as public affairs officer. This position in-of-itself was one that saw the woman's abilities put to a new test.

The degree of public interaction which was required for such greatly exceeded any which she had been exposed to before, forcing her to learn how to part from her isolated tendencies and adopt a facade of charm and charisma. It was not long before the young woman had come to be well-regarded by her peers the more she appeared in societal events, gaining along with it the eyes of many potential suitors.BEGIN REDACTION
It was not just her superiors who would see promise in the attention that Ophelia gained, and it would not be them who would be the first to push the woman in the direction which would forever change her life. The aging Titiana had come to successfully groom her son to be a promising military leader, whilst her youngest daughter already had been betrothed to marry the heir to a leading Optimate family, leaving only her middle child as relatively untapped. Taking note of her popularity especially amongst the male population of patrician society, she would encourage Ophelia to entertain it more; rumor serves that she would actually be the one to thrust the 17 year old into the bed of one Antoninus yae Galvus, a cousin of the future Emperor, Varis zos Galvus, and member of the imperial family. Despite her own reluctance over the matter, her involvement clearly achieved through coercion, she was a rather successful mistress in that she quickly was able to find haven amongst newer and more prestigious sects of society. At the urging of the Primus Frumentarius, the affair became a subject of a year long operation in which Ophelia's role expanded to one of new focus as she served as an integral informant on both her paramour and those around him.
This, however, would come to an unfortunate end: amidst the collapse of Project Meteor and the ensuing Bozja Incident, a state of disarray involving the intelligence service saw information of Ophelia's true involvements exposed to the imperial prince. Out of clemency for the girl, who reportedly had broken down and entered an inconsolable state for the time, Antoninus brokered an agreement wherein such information would remain entirely private on condition that she remain outside of affairs of the imperial capital for a time until it was deemed passed.

LORE : the foreign service.

The year which followed the Seventh Umbral Calamity brought with it sweeping reforms to the imperial system. Ophelia herself, receiving many endorsements from officials senior in government, would find formal posting in the foreign ministry as an attache. Given almost free choice, the woman selected the nation of Hingsahi after many years of admiration she had gained for it through reading. Her posting to the Consulate was one that brought about many questions, however it was hardly any time until she was able to establish her presence as a capable officer.

This is coming soon and will cover the events of A Realm Reborn, Heavensward and StormbloodStay tuned!

LORE : after the civil war.

This is coming soon and will cover the events of Shadowbringers and beyond.

Stay tuned!

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i am not a morally ambiguous character
i am just written that way


visit haunts for more

patrician upbringing. Being raised amongst the upper castes of imperial society, Ophelia was the recipient of treatment truly befitting such. The small circle was such that it was rather common to know all those around her, and quite often make bonds with each of them.imperial government. Officers of the imperial services were surely to have known eachother, making it nearly impossible not to have interacted in the past before.residence in kugane. Having spent nearly the last decade posted in the Hingan capital, Ophelia's come to know the city and its culture like the back of its hand. Whether it's merely a chance shared experience in the city or meeting someone who has prominence in story there, it's not hard to guess that Ophelia would be keen to interact.

populares. Although her affiliation was hardly known, her father's affiliations were such that she still made contacts amongst the group she quietly supported. Perhaps a bond is to be shared amongst current and former members.hingan citizen. As to be expected, any encounters shared abroad with Hingan Citizens are meaningful to Ophelia and quite commonly make it easier for her to communicate.citizens of garlean conquered realms. Even if she was somewhat amicable and nowhere near as flagrant as some of her counterparts, it's rather evident there might be a little tension.

far eastern descent. Ophelia's time in the Far East instilled a great respect for the people of the Far East, one which persists in her cordial interactions with them.III/IV Legions and Lictors Her brief attachment to these legions saw her become acquainted with some of its members, but given the nature of her duties these attachments were hardly ever close.eorzean citizens. While not sharing the supremacist views of her comrades and not holding ill-will against the people of Eorzea, her treatment at the hands of various Eorzean citizens has often made her hesitant to interact with anyone hailing from the land. While cordial, she will often seem unengaged and at times intimidated.

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i am not a morally ambiguous character
i am just written that way


ophie's usual haunts

the far east. As expected, Ophelia is frequently sighted not only in Kugane, but also in many areas of Hingashi and Othard all together. She's usually working on one assignment or another, but she's always inclined to guide if needed and take a stop for rest in Yanxia.In Kugane, she can be found in places high and low, of well-repute and of ill-repute. Whether she has her dice in hand in a game of cho-han or her robes drawn tight as a geisha, she's more social in this environment than any other.

eorzea. Out of habit, Eorzea is one of the few places Ophelia opts not to venture in. That stated, occasional assignments have seen her stop-over in La Noscea and Thanalan as well as have an extended stay in Coerthas. It's rare to find her here, but when she is it's unlikely that she'll be as keen to interact.

bars and clubs. The life of Ophelia is one that grows quite lonely, and such sees her waste her nights away in various social establishments. As much, buy her a drink and she's more than happy for a conversation and whatever else it might lead to...

where to find Ophie

frequent venues


Crystal - Mateus - Goblet 26/42

  purpose.     either as a client or as a house geisha, Ophelia can be found here.


Aether - Coming Soon

  purpose.     Ophelia, after a business deal gone wrong, ended up as a dealer and hostess at this little lounge.

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i am not a morally ambiguous character
i am just written that way

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i am not a morally ambiguous character
i am just written that way